About as common as Halley's Comet these days, it's another episode of useless debates!  The boys are down a man this week but the show must go on!  Right?  Join Dennis and Paul and a special guest star...lil' Phil...as they discuss the most realistic sports movie!

Tune in as the boys debate....well pretty much everything!  

Best Captain Ever?  Tune in as all the boys are back and debate which captain ranks the best all time!  Also we answer some questions from our loyal listeners!  Enjoy!

THE BOYS ARE BACK!!!!!! well...kinda...Jay replaces Dennis as we kick off our fourth season!  Tune in and enjoy!

Tune in as the boys debate which one of the Scotts has the best movie!   Also included this week is a timely Useless Review of The Last Jedi and some Useless Podcast Recommendations!

Tune in as the boys debate the best cover song.  Also this week a Useless 5 min: Transformers versus GI Joe!  

Tune in as the boys debate the best role of our national treasure, Mr. Kevin Norwood Bacon!  ALso we take a cue from Mario at the Superiority Complex and assemble our list of the top 5 MCU movies! 

Tune in as the boys try a different show format!  Also included this week is a Useless 5 Minutes debate about which Bond was better: Roger Moore or Pierce Brosnan.  

February 13, 2018

Episode 26 - Situation: Comedy

Tune in as the boys welcome back Matt again to debate the best sitcom of all time!

February 4, 2018

Episode 25 - Olympic Cold

Tune in as our former Sweep The Leg team member Matt takes Phil's place to discuss the worst winter olympic sport!  

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